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Food Intolerance Study

CONNTRACEPTOL® will humanely reduce the mouse population up to 96% versus mouse traps which reduce it less than 10%.

Most traps in current use are cruel and painful. A glue board kills the mouse by slow starvation and dehydration. Poison causes significant pain is a slow process and may be ineffective. Spring type traps have a wide margin of error, they may cripple and injure the mouse which results in a slow painful death. Newer electric traps that often fail to kill the mouse through electrocution may cause it neurological damage.

Inhumane killing of random mice generally is less than 15% effective over the midterm. In controlling your local mouse population. Pest control services provide short term relief in controlling your local mouse population, but not a solution.

Why Conntraceptol®?

Food Intolerance Study

Birth control, not barbarism, is the humane answer.Mice go to the small feeding station, eat the nutritious feed which contains herbal birth control supplements and male mouse pheromones to attract female mice.

Our technology and research provide the answer! That mouse you saw scampering for cover is not the problem it's a mere raindrop in a deluge.

The house mouse is by far the most common mammal on earth. Very adaptable. It's an excellent swimmer, runner, climber and has been known to jump as high as 12 inches. Mice have excellent senses of smell, taste and touch.The incredible speed at which mice reproduce is remarkable. Mice reach sexual maturity by 4 to 6 weeks, can have up to 15 babies in each litter, and breed every couple of weeks.In one year the original male and female will have many thousands of descendants. Thus, attempting to control mice with traps alone is virtually futile.


Food Intolerance Study

The simple, humane and effective way' is birth control, using non-toxic, safe natural botanical extracts which are effective in preventing pregnancy in female mice. The use of antifertility botanical extracts that are non-toxic, nonpolluting and effective will result in an up to 97% reduction inthe mouse population that is going to affect your premises.

CONNTRACEPTOL® is humane, non-toxic, non polluting and effective.


Food Intolerance Study

The specially designed small feeder supplied allows only mouse sized entry and exit. Its patented lever-lock system requires an adult to open it. A feeding dish within the device is filled as often as needed with the CONNTRACEPTOL® flavoured mixture. The nutrient formula and botanical extracts in CONNTRACEPTOL® act as a birth control agent, while male mouse pheromones serve to attract females to the feeder.

Pheromone signalling to the female mouse is captured by her special chemosensory organ. The volatile male pheromones which can only be detected by that special sensory organ of the female, attracts the anxious to breed female. The feeder is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The flavored nutritious food, which is very appealing to the mouse, contains active botanical ingredients and pheromones.

Extensive research has proventhese botanical extracts to be safe and effective for mouse birth control. They include stone seed root, silphium herbal, blue cohosh, and rue herb. The CONNTRACEPTOL® formula is completely safe, all natural and nontoxic. The dose of the ingredients is for an animal weighing about 1/2 ounce. Fill the feeding station in the mouse cage as often as needed from the supplied CONNTRACEPTOL®.

Studies indicate that the presence of male pheromones results in feeding visits comprised of 68 females and 32 males.Attracted by male pheromones, the female in need of nutrition, and possibly nursing a litter, will enter the feeder.


CONNTRACEPTOL® - Affordable Mouse Control Solution

CONNTRACEPTOL® is humane, non-toxic, non polluting, effective and easy to buy!

Price: $39.00

Feeder Station and 60-day supply of CONNTRACEPTOL®

Price: $34.00

Refill 60-day supply of CONNTRACEPTOL®

Price: $169.00

6 Pack Feeder Station and a 6 x 60-day supply of CONNTRACEPTOL®

Price: $65.00

Best buy for long term control
CONNTRACEPTOL® feed a 6 month supply for 1 feeder station

Price: $170.00


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