CONNTRACEPTOL® will humanely solve rodent problem whether it is mice or rats.

Mouse birth control, not barbarism - Starting at ONLY $34

CONNTRACEPTOL® FORT Mouse removal with guaranteed success!

Birth control for rats, not barbarism - Starting at ONLY $95

Conntraceptol® - Herbal Birth Control

Rodent Fertility Control, Not barbarism - The humane control of invasive rodents.

CONNTRACEPTOL® The humane control of invasive rodents

Food Intolerance Study

CONNTRACEPTOL® will humanely solve rodent problem whether it is mice or rats.

After a decade of research by our Viamedix Veterinary Division we make it easy for you with the humane and effective solution.

Rats and mice are highly intelligent rodents. They are natural students would excel at learning and understanding concepts. They are as capable of thinking about things, and figuring them out as are dogs.

Rodents typically birth about 6 L a year of pops. The pups reach maturity in a couple of months meaning that a population can swell from two to almost 1000 in one year, with the potential to grow exponentially. Attempts to maim and kill rodents with traps and poisons are barbaric and virtually futile.

The nutritious Conntraceptol and Conntraceptol forte feed that we make available will be a substantial part of the diet of the mouse, and a much smaller part of the total diet of a rat but the formulations will be effective in both cases in preventing conception.

After the seeds have been available for couple of weeks so that the resident population of potential invaders have participated, the frequency of putting out the birth control feed can be reduced to a couple of times a week.

The safety lock containers are weatherproof, and can be used inside or out in all types of weather. For the rodents life goes on as usual except that the pregnancy rate is decim.

Why Conntraceptol®?

Food Intolerance Study

Birth control, not barbarism, is the humane answer. Mice go to the small feeding station, eat the nutritious feed which contains herbal birth control supplements and male mouse pheromones to attract female mice.

Our technology and research provide the answer! That mouse you saw scampering for cover is not the problem it's a mere raindrop in a deluge.

The house mouse is by far the most common mammal on earth. Very adaptable. It's an excellent swimmer, runner, climber and has been known to jump as high as 12 inches. Mice have excellent senses of smell, taste and touch.The incredible speed at which mice reproduce is remarkable. Mice reach sexual maturity by 4 to 6 weeks, can have up to 15 babies in each litter, and breed every couple of weeks.In one year the original male and female will have many thousands of descendants.Thus, attempting to control mice with traps alone is virtually futile.


Food Intolerance Study

The simple, humane and effective way' is birth control, using non-toxic, safe natural botanical extracts which are effective in preventing pregnancy in female mice. The use of antifertilitybotanical extracts that are non-toxic, nonpolluting and effective will result in an up to 97%reduction inthe mouse population that is going to affect your premises.

CONNTRACEPTOL® is humane, non-toxic, non polluting and effective


Fertility control is a neglected yet potentially powerful rodent management tool that represents an effective, inexpensive, and humane alternative to current control methods.

The nutrient formula and botanical extracts in CONNTRACEPTOL® FORTE act as a birth control agent, while male rat pheromones serve to attract females to the feeder.

Pheromone signalling to the female rat is captured by her special chemosensory organ. The volatile male pheromones which can only be detected by that special sensory organ of the female, attracts the anxious to breed female.

The flavored nutritious food, additive which is very appealing to rats, contains active botanical ingredients and pheromones.

Extensive research has proven these botanical extracts to be safe and effective for birth control. They may include stone seed root, silphium herbal, blue cohosh, rue herb and/or other natural extracts with contraceptive propertieso.

The conntraceptol forte concentrate is mixed in at about a 10% level into the food you are preparing for the rats. The best diet for rats is about 80% grains and the rest can contain cooked beef, chicken, cheese products, or dry dog food. To this feed had about 10% conntraceptol forte concentrate and mix in well.

Choose your food containers carefully. Metal bowls can produce sound frequencies which may disrupt the rats. Use ceramic bowls instead. Ceramic bowls are also heavier, and therefore harder for the rats to tip over when feeding.. Although the ingredients used in conntraceptol are non-toxic and environmentally safe, nevertheless is always prudent to place the feed so non targeted animals and children may not easily access them.


CONNTRACEPTOL® - Affordable Mouse Control Solution

CONNTRACEPTOL® is humane, non-toxic, non polluting, effective and easy to buy!

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